Dress Code

Kearny High Educational Complex


  1. In accordance with State regulations, students must wear footwear in school. To ensure the protection of the bottom of the feet, all footwear must have soles. Unsafe footwear is not allowed.

  2. Clothing or jewelry may not display profanity, provocative or suggestive statements, obscenities, advertising for drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, illegal activities, or gang identifications.

  3. Spikes or studs on bracelets, belts, rings, or necklaces are not allowed. Wallet chains are not allowed.

  4. The wearing of hats or other head coverings, including do-rags, is not permitted on campus, except on the athletic field and during authorized outside activities. Only unaltered medically or religiously required hats/head coverings, as approved by the school principal, are allowed. Official Kearny school hats may be worn outdoors on campus, but not in classrooms or school buildings.

  5. The torso should not be visible. Specifically, students may not wear: bra tops, tube tops, halter tops, tank tops, short shirts or blouses, or cut-off T-shirts. The straps on tops must be at least two inches wide. This does not equate to the width of two fingers.

  6. Leggings, including those designed to look like jeans, yoga pants, and stockings are not considered pants appropriate for school and cannot be worn alone. Completely opaque black, colored, and metallic lycra knits are considered leggings.

  7. Shorts, skirts and dresses must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee all the way around with or without leggings or stockings underneath. This does not equate to the "fingertip rule."

  8. Athletic and club attire, including cheerleading uniforms, worn during the instructional day must also meet these guidelines with the exception of school-approved games and performances.

  9. Pajama bottoms and house slippers are not allowed. Underwear should not be visible.

  10. Attire that includes oversized clothing such as oversized t-shirts, oversized and/or sagged pants, oversized shorts with long socks, or oversized overalls are not permitted. Pants must fit at the waist without requiring alteration. Oversized, hanging belts are not permitted.

  11. Gang-specific articles of clothing, or gang-associated color combinations, as determined by the principal or the school police officer, are prohibited.

  12. No red or blue shoelaces, or other clothing items deemed inappropriate by the principal or school police officer.

  13. In addition to the above requirements, any clothing or jewelry declared inappropriate by District regulations is automatically unauthorized by the school.

All school employees are expected to abide by the enforcement of these regulations.

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