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I am the proud Lead Learner at Kearny BST, one of the most innovative and inspiring educational institutes in San Diego County. Our small school has a strongly embedded culture of student-centered hands-on learning in both biomedical science and information technology. We are lucky to work within a tight-knit group of caring and committed educators who design award-winning real-world projects and design challenges across multiple disciplines, which emphasize problem-solving through specialized courses. At BST, collaboration is key, and all students experience hands-on science and technology through a nationally-recognized Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences and district Information Technology (IT) pathway. Students explore Principles of Biomedical Science, study Human Body Systems, Biomedical Interventions, and Biomedical Innovations alongside Computer Science Discoveries, Geographic Information Systems, & AP Computer Science Principles. 

BST is currently a Linked Learning Candidate School and is pursuing Linked Learning Silver Certification to recognize the interdisciplinary work our teacher and student teams do to bring students' strengths, interests, and values together in a project based learning setting that will impact their college and career choices for many years to come.  Our students complete cross-curricular projects with Science, English, History, and Technology to provide them an opportunity to make a difference in their communities through real-world learning experiences. We are proud of our school's ability to offer a small school setting with interdisciplinary projects that inspire and ignite our students' curiosity and passions.

Within their course of study, students also enjoy multiple field trips, guest speakers, and collaborative partnerships with local universities and industries through experiences such as "Doctor for a Day" at UCSD, Ted Talks with USD bioethics students, hackathons, coding events, and presenting at industry conferences. Students' final two years of study includes service learning in a community setting and a medical internship at Rady's Children's Hospital, which introduces the medical field in major medical disciplines such as surgery, psychiatry, dermatology and pharmacology. 

Due to our commitment to the integration of medical study and internships embedded into our program, in the 2020-2021 school year Kearny BST officially became an official FACES program school in partnership with Rady Children’s Hospital (RCH) San Diego. FACES is a four-year academic and career preparation program in partnership with Kearny High BST whose goal is to introduce and facilitate the exploration of healthcare careers for local high school students. RCH provides hospital-based and community-based rotations, and the FACES program is structured around five program components: 1) health career experience; 2) academic enhancement; 3) psychosocial support; 4) personal development; and 5) alumni support.

This year, the new FACES program will incorporate the CAYS (Community Alliance for Youth Success)  "Discover Your Purpose" Curriculum, which includes a College and Career focus into our our English and AVID classes grades 9-11 with the following stages:

Stage 1 - Discovering Purpose Through Investigation of Self

Stage 2 - Developing Purpose by Aligning Self with External Environments

Stage 3 - Living Purpose Through Real World Experiences 

As students journey through our FACES Biomedical pathway, this three-year program supports students’ writing to think and learn; use of inquiry to guide analysis; collaboration with diverse partners for diverse purposes; organization of ideas, materials, and events; critical reading for multiple purposes; investigation on how leadership changes society; professional presentation skills; and Career/College Application support.

Finally, at Kearny BST, students are able to enroll in Advanced Placement & Mesa Community College courses through our partnership with the San Diego Community College District. At no cost to the student, students at Kearny BST have the opportunity to enroll in a range of college courses, earning district high school graduation credit as well as college credit (“dual enrollment”) when they complete these courses successfully. Most students at Kearny BST graduate with a year of college credit already completed. 

We are proud of our one-of-a-kind group of educators and educational program. If you have further questions,  please feel free to reach out to me at any time at [email protected]. Welcome to Kearny BST!


Dr. Shannon Garcia

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